SERIES 04: New collection of leather bags for this season.

SERIE 04: Nueva colección de bolsos de piel para esta temporada.


Series 04 is the new collection of leather bags made in Barcelona, ​​by Brussosa for the AW2425 season.

Their pieces are destined to become icons of genderless fashion, perfect for the contemporary wardrobe of those who do without labels that restrict fluidity and hinder expression.

Bags full of strength and personality that add to white and black, the firm's permanent colors, two new tones that, despite being a trend, will live with you forever because they are above time and space.

Klein Blue: A deep blue that invites us to lose our sight at the bottom of the sea and surrender to spirituality and introspection, but that also symbolizes dynamism and fun. The duality that defines us and that allows us to break the rules without losing an iota of sophistication.

Orange rust: A warm and versatile terracotta that emerges from the ground we walk on and connects us with nature. For committed and elegant people, who appreciate what is natural and timeless, and who look at life head-on, with a positive attitude.

The new collection continues to focus on accessories that defend seamless comfort and the values ​​of an open and plural fashion, in which clean lines become the best way to attract attention.

With Series 04, Brussosa transcends its limits and investigates new designs that go beyond the classic bag, lighting models that accompany us while we make the city our own, with ergonomic fanny packs that blend with our skin so that we embrace sustainable mobility.

A set of gender free accessories within which the heart of urban life beats and created with all the care that the hands of local artisans are capable of transmitting. A representative sample of slow fashion that puts the finishing touch to a timeless and unisex outfit.


Brussosa's curiosity has no limits, which is why he is always looking for collaborations that add value to his catalog.

This motivation to go further is what has led the firm to welcome Rosa Figuls, an artisan from Barcelona who elevates the art of knitting to a higher level.

Rosa's small atelier in the Sarrià neighborhood is a universe in which tradition and modernity come together to offer very wearable crochet garments that combine with everything and that fit perfectly with the concept of neutral and inclusive fashion.

Balaclava hats, oversized scarves and clutches with fringes handmade exclusively for Brussosa that mix black with colors such as beige, rust and blue.


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