Genderless bags for those who run away from labels

bolsos genderless de piel

Genderless bags for those who run away from labels

At Brussosa we defend inclusive fashion through black pieces of different sizes aimed at cisgender, non-binary and gender fluid people.

The design of accessories helps to give visibility and encourage inclusion, something that is a priority, since more and more fashion consumers are looking for pieces with which to express themselves freely.

With the AW 22-23 collection, we reinforce our commitment to this trend, presenting a lookbook starring two models, one male and one female, dressed in the same way and equipped with the same bag.

Gender neutral, a gender, no gender, fused gender, gender ambiguity, gender fluidity … The traditional male-female duality is no longer eternal. The limits have been blurred and fashion has received the witness of creating collections that go beyond unisex. At Brussosa we have defended the genderless movement since our inception, we reinforced our commitment to this trend by launching a capsule collection of 18 black leather pieces. The catalog includes everything from suitcases to purses, fanny packs and backpacks, all intended to be worn by both men and women, as well as by people who do not identify with these genders or who transit between one and the other.

Bags that do not understand gender

The phenomenon of genderless fashion, which has its roots in the 1970s with pioneering designers such as Pierre Cardin or David Fisch, has been internalized by Brussosa when it comes to lighting up a series of bags with which anyone can feel comfortable . "All of us professionals who work in fashion have to respond to the challenges that our clients pose to us," says Núria Brussosa, one of the co-founders, adding that "the design of accessories that help give visibility and promote inclusion is a priority , as more and more fashion consumers seek pieces with which to freely express themselves, making gender labels a thing of the past.”

Brussosa has created a collection with simple and refined lines, where the true protagonist is the skin. Thanks to the absence of artifice, the bags adapt naturally to any silhouette, opening up to a wider audience that wants to complete their outfit with a well-made product, with a classic air and impeccable workmanship.


Quality pieces with personality

The bag has long ceased to be an item conceived by and for women. Betting on fashion accessories that transgress conventional gender roles is an imperative that the Catalan firm is fully aware of. In addition, the models that are part of this new collection include options of very different sizes so that each client can express themselves according to their tastes and space needs.

"We must gradually eliminate barriers and overcome outdated differentiations, worrying exclusively about the design and quality of the product" , reveals Núria, pointing out that "in the end, the important thing is that the person who buys one of our bags feels comfortable and enjoys of a timeless piece that survives fashion”. The person in charge of the firm also emphasizes the functional nature of Brussosa bags, since "design must be combined with utility, and even more so when it comes to an element whose main mission is to carry our personal belongings".

The creative director of Brussosa emphasizes the role that the industry must play in the fight to tear down certain social constructions: "If we want to be avant-garde, it is essential that we offer style solutions that bring us closer and not distance us," she points out.

By Maria Perez

August 01, 2022


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