Blue Max Backpack


Classic blue leather backpack. Thanks to its three independent pockets, it is very comfortable and practical, both for work and any trip or getaway. It is also very lightweight and easy to carry.

Dimensions: 37 x 30 x 15 cm.

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This soft blue leather backpack from the Washed collection by Brussosa is handmade by the Tinto in capo treatment after confection. It has three independent pockets: Large interior capacity, inside and outside pockets, both closed by a zipper.

This soft blue leather backpack, It is a product designed and manufactured entirely in Barcelona by our artisans.

This item is part of the Washed collection, our most casual collection. Each piece is made one by one by our artisans manually. The washing process is carried out after manufacturing to achieve the aged effect and the uniqueness of each piece. The bags may present small imperfections or irregularities in the color that are the hallmark of the collection.

So that your Brussosa is preserved as the first day, always keep it inside the provided cotton bag.

Leather may present small imperfections or slight changes in tone due to its natural characteristics.

Recommendations: Protect the leather from rain and long exposure to the sun. If you have any questions about the care of your bag, please contact us at:

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 50 cm



Additional Information

This handcrafted product has been dyed using special tehniques and can stain upon contact with skin or other fabrics. Also, its colour may change slightly over time. As the dyeing process is natural, the item may present imperfections such as uneven color or tone alteration.

So that your Brussosa is preserved as the first day, avoid contact with the sun, water and other liquid and corrosive substances such as oil and alcohol or other products.

If you have any questions about the care, cleaning or handling of any of our bags, you can contact us by sending an email to

At Brussosa, we are not responsible for the inappropriate use of our bags or items outside our recommendations, nor for the handling of our bags without the supervision of our professionals.