Product care

Have you bought a leather bag but you don’t know how to take basic care of it to keep it looking new forever?

At Brussosa, we know very well how to perform this type of care. We would therefore like to give you 10 tips for a long life to this companion who always saves us from carrying our things on a day-to-day basis.

10 Tips to care for your leather bag

  1. The cover. This is an accessory that you need in order to protect your leather bag when you are not using it. We recommend storing it with the cover until you want to use it again.
  2. The filling. If you are going to have this piece stored for a while, you can fill its interior with some newspaper so that it does not lose its shape and it keeps a new appearance.
  3. Avoid the sun. Never keep a leather bag near a window or a place where there is a lot of light. It may lose its original colour. It is therefore very important that you have it in a place where there is no humidity and away from the sun’s rays to prevent any unwanted leather discolourations.
  4. Cleaning. Always use a dry white cotton cloth. We are sometimes very meticulous and want it to be as ‘clean’ and ‘shiny’ as possible, but it is best to do this carefully and with non-aggressive products that can damage the leather’s finish.
  5. Avoid liquid. They are certainly a huge enemy of leather products. When it comes to using an accessory with these characteristics, you have to be a little more careful and avoid spilling any liquid that could stain your bag forever.
  6. Shine. Leather normally has a shine, in addition to its smell. It’s very significant. We recommend that you use specific products for this purpose. These are usually creams that you can apply once or twice a year. Remember that they should not contain silicones, petroleum or derivatives.
  7. Rainy days. This time, dry the leather again with a dry white cotton cloth. You can also spread beeswax over the bag, but only in small doses. We will thereby create a waterproof layer to avoid future stains or discolouration.
  8. Use a toiletry bag. Carrying loose cosmetics inside the bags is very common. However, to avoid damaging the bag, it is better to use a small toiletry bag. This helps us prevent unwanted stains caused by this type of beauty item.
  9. The zipper. This little addition may be the first item to be forgotten, but sometimes good care is needed for this type of handbag.
  10. Don’t stack the handbags. Do not put them on top of each other to prevent them from losing their original shape. Treat them with care as we do with each of Brussosa’s pieces.