Beyond Brussosa

We travel all over the world to find what we call ‘pieces’, objects that in themselves have their own personality and are above the brand signing them.

It is true that the majority are from some of the most exclusive European and Japanese firms. Firms that fortunately are not always the most well known. That’s fortunate, because when someone chooses any of our accessories, they usually do so thinking about their own satisfaction and forgetting that of others a bit. It is not about selfishness, just very selective generosity. Something to which we deliberately contribute with the rareness of each of our pieces.


Alberto Mondini has been creating original leather pieces for more than 40 years in his native town of Bologna. Every year he develops a small collection of 10-12 bags that are desired by all fashionistas around the world.

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Marco Campomaggi has created a timeless collection of unisex bags over the years. They can be identified by their wonderful leather and unique vintage look. Pieces that can only get better over time.

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The passion for original and unique products defines the features of Reptile’s House, which stands out for the creation of leather bags from a timeless aesthetic. The brand’s philosophy focuses on the use of fine leathers, soft and practical shapes.

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Vive La Difference bags unite design and functionality. Giulia Petró has created an extensive collection of hand-dyed and hand-washed bags since 2004, obtaining exceptional results due to natural tones and colours.

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